Tuesday, November 30, 2010


About This  Blog

Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been collecting coins of India from my child hood days. At that time, no internet was there, what to speak of internet, even no reference books on coin collection, were available with me. I simply collected coins from circulation, choosing only by different designs.

After buying a reference book on coins, “Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Coins of India, written by Mr. D Chakravarty of Kolkata, I gained a good knowledge about the science of coin collection. After getting a broad- band connection, I had the privilege of accessing the Internet and got a chance to visit many sites on coin collection and learnt many facts about coins.

As I am a teacher by profession, I wished to share my knowledge about coins with my fellow collectors and I presume that I have achieved my aim to some extent by starting this blog. I have tried to post the facts and figures needed by collectors of coins. You, as a guest to this blog, are the right person to impartially judge about how far I am successful in my mission.

This blog has not been created by me to show up my collection, rather it is a knowledge sharing platform. Coin photos from many other collector friends are also placed in this blog for knowledge sharing purpose and help of those collectors are duly acknowledged by me. If you have any interesting coin with you in your collection and wish to share it with others, you are cordially invited to join hands with me and let us all try to push Indian Numismatics to a new height.

To see detailed description and photographs about any topic please click the link placed on the top of any page under the heading "Beekar-the-Numismatist". The photographs of the coins, not collected by me, are not given.

Your creative suggestions, criticism are cordially invited for the improvement of the matter furnished in this blog. To err is human. If you find any errors any where, please  feel free to point out those errors, so that those would be removed as early as possible.

If you wish to contact me on any matter:
My email id is: balakrushnakar@gmail.com 
and my cell number is +919658150544 

Thank you again.