Tuesday, November 30, 2010


About This  Blog

Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been collecting coins of India from my child hood days. At that time, no internet was there, what to speak of internet, even no reference books on coin collection, were available with me. I simply collected coins from circulation, choosing only by different designs.

After buying a reference book on coins, “Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Coins of India, written by Mr. D Chakravarty of Kolkata, I gained a good knowledge about the science of coin collection. After getting a broad- band connection, I had the privilege of accessing the Internet and got a chance to visit many sites on coin collection and learnt many facts about coins.

As I am a teacher by profession, I wished to share my knowledge about coins with my fellow collectors and I presume that I have achieved my aim to some extent by starting this blog. I have tried to post the facts and figures needed by collectors of coins. You, as a guest to this blog, are the right person to impartially judge about how far I am successful in my mission.

This blog has not been created by me to show up my collection, rather it is a knowledge sharing platform. Coin photos from many other collector friends are also placed in this blog for knowledge sharing purpose and help of those collectors are duly acknowledged by me. If you have any interesting coin with you in your collection and wish to share it with others, you are cordially invited to join hands with me and let us all try to push Indian Numismatics to a new height.

To see detailed description and photographs about any topic please click the link placed on the top of any page under the heading "Beekar-the-Numismatist". The photographs of the coins, not collected by me, are not given.

Your creative suggestions, criticism are cordially invited for the improvement of the matter furnished in this blog. To err is human. If you find any errors any where, please  feel free to point out those errors, so that those would be removed as early as possible.

If you wish to contact me on any matter:
My email id is: balakrushnakar@gmail.com 
and my cell number is +919658150544 

Thank you again.


  1. Dear sir,
    your blog is really wonderfull. Its a great job.
    I used to visit your site atleast twice in a day.
    You mare successfull in your mission, there is no doubt in that.
    It shows how much you are interested in Numismatism and the hard work.
    its very usefull for many.
    you are my Guru and as well as my role model of Numismatism.
    I wish you all the best sir
    with regards

  2. Bala Ji

    Pls keep up your good work. Few years back, I started a website on commemorative coins of India. I could not continue it later.

    Warm Regards
    Sanjay Kansal

  3. Balaji,

    I am really very happy to see your awareness information regarding fake coins of India. This will surely help collector/people to know the difference between a genuine and fake. I will try to help you out adding more specimens/information regarding this to enhance the section.

    Best Wishes.
    Rishi Chandiok

  4. hello sir r u sell coins?

  5. Hello,

    thank you for your work. It´s very interesting and provides more details about Indian coins than my catalogues do. Keep on this way!

    Best regards,

    1. Ur words about my blog r very encouraging to me. Many thanks for ur appreciation.

  6. Its wonderful website as well as the collection which you proudly own. I request you to change setting of the site so that the frequent visiter like me dont have to browse through the entire page to see the updations. So please make it something like, so that latest post appears first.

    Wonderful effort and same is reflacted in the site stats.
    Thank you so much
    Prashant V Shah

  7. Prashant V Shah,
    Thank u very much. I'm sorry to learn that frequent visitors like u, face difficulties to see the updates. Plz inform me what technique shall I have to adopt, so that the latest posts appear first.
    Shall I add a section in the home page to reflect the updates?

    1. First of all, I thank you for considering my request. I am also not so IT savvy, hence have no idea about how to do it. Yes, but the changes which have been done, will help me learn your site.

      Thank You so much,
      Prashant V Shah.

  8. Prashant V Shah, as this site is created for the collectors of coins of India, their demand is taken by me as a top priority. I am thinking to divide the page, "Decimal coins of Republic India" into smaller parts like 1p regular, 2p reg, 3p regular ............ 10 rs reg. Plz let me know the views of my visitors about this change. What r ur views on this matter? Thank u very much.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Categorization is definately a good idea.Just viewed the different catogories, it looks user friendly but still sir, menu is not displyed properly on my computer. Once again thank you so much for remembering and taking my request in to consideration.

    2. U r most welcome Prashant Shah. Plz keep on posting ur views about how to improve the matter placed in this blog.

  9. First of all... I need to thank you for sharing such a nice & important information about Coinage.
    I'm also the recent victim of the Fake Coin, just few days back I have purchase 5 Rs. INDIRA GANDHI RUDRAKSH MALA COIN (Which is FAKE COIN-come to know after visited the site,previously I have a doubt) from eBay for 400 Rs. I had demanded Buyer to refund me, let see if I'm lucky enough to get refund or not.

    Anyways the information you have shared will be help me in the future.

    Thanks a ton :-) :-)

  10. Sir,
    Nice to see you with like minded people with same vision.

    I am Ram and i have created blog with www.grandpacoins.in

    Appreciate if you can give me feedback.

    Thanks in advance....

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      G P GUPTA

  12. Very impressive and motivates the coin collectors.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Many many thanks to u Imran for ur appreciation of my work.

  14. This is really a very good site and very detailed information. I was trying to look for information about commemorative coins of India and could not find any which has such great details as yours. Thoank you for all the information. Will be visiting this site frequently now.

  15. Thank you very much for all the information. Very impressive indeed. I have a question. What is the current value for the big Indira Gandhi Rs. 5 coin (1917-1984) if I want to sell? I have four coins.

  16. U r most welcome. The current value for the big Indira Gandhi Rs. 5 coin (1917-1984), is about 15 rupees, a coin.


    1. Govind Gupta ji, posted details of all commemorative coin in some pages. Unable to understand, which comm coin u r referring to.

  18. sir, i go through your blog,
    i found a 2Rs coin the year of 2007 Kolkata mint, but the date is in bigger numerals & double plus length is 18mm. so is this a rare coin ?
    please guide me..............

  19. Dear friend, ur 2007 2 rs cross coin may be an issue of Hyd mint, the mint mark 'STAR' may be very weak to mark or may not be prominently visible due to circulation wear and tears. Request u to examine the mint mark area very carefully. Ur coin is not at all a Kolkata issue and its not a rare one also.

  20. Dear friend, I am highly delighted after going thru ur blog and learnt many fundamentals about numismatics hobby and technical details on minting of coins by GOI. I have a small collection of coins inclding East India co, British India and Republic India preserved since my child hood. I am now retired and had ample time to go thru my collection. Recently I arranged the coins in an album and evinced interest to study them in detail. I luckily come across your blog and felt very happy as now I can identify the history of my coin collection. I prefer to preserve these coins to my successors who may become numismatics like me with full details about each individual coin I have now. I will be in touch with u for any clarifications I need from time to time and please guide me. Thanks a lot and bye

  21. Sir vry informative n valuable factz u produced.
    All doubts of any collecter can b cleared.

    Once again thnkzzz

    Vishal Bumb

  22. Many thanks for ur complements.

  23. Sir, I came across your blog recently and found it very interesting. I have a small collection of coins and I want to enquire about a particular coin of mine. It is a 1 Re commemorative coin of the year 1995. On the front it is written "50th anniversary of United Nations" and on the back it has some strange "yantra" type design. I could not found that coin on your site and hence could you please help me know more about it and if it is speacial/rare. Waiting for your responce.
    SOURAV MAZUMDER(souravmazumder11@gmail.com)

    1. Sir Pl verify the denomination as per my observation it is Rs 5 commemorative coin